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Future Projects

Posted on: May 12, 2010

I am always finding projects and tutorials online that I want to keep in mind for the future, so I am going to try to start posting them with links, so that when I get ready to do them, I can easily find the links.  Also I would love to here tips and see pictures if any of you have done the same projects!

My goal for this year is to make almost all gifts for birthdays/Christmas/etc.

One thing I plan to make for my nephew, for either his birthday or Christmas is this car organizer from Pickup Some Creativity:

I am also planning to make him a mat for driving his cars, but I haven’t found a tutorial on one the way I want, so I may just have to make one myself 🙂

For my son, his big Christmas present is going to be a felt playhouse, won’t be exactly like this one at Homemade By Jill, but want to be able to find the link easily.  My husband wants me to make it look like a castle…we shall see what I decide when I get started.
Something that I would like to make for myself is a camera strap…I am loving this one by Fabric Family Fun:

I am also hoping to make some of these alphabet/number/shape bean bags for the kids from A Pretty Cool Life:

I know I have seen lots more projects out there that I want to do, and will add more when I come across them, but for now I’m going to go see what I can squeeze in before the baby wakes up from his nap!


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I like the bean bags!

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  • J: I like the bean bags!
  • J: You could also keep practicing the mitered corners with the one already botched, then just cut another one when you get it right. :)
  • J: Yay!



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