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I am always finding projects and tutorials online that I want to keep in mind for the future, so I am going to try to start posting them with links, so that when I get ready to do them, I can easily find the links.  Also I would love to here tips and see pictures if any of you have done the same projects!

My goal for this year is to make almost all gifts for birthdays/Christmas/etc.

One thing I plan to make for my nephew, for either his birthday or Christmas is this car organizer from Pickup Some Creativity:

I am also planning to make him a mat for driving his cars, but I haven’t found a tutorial on one the way I want, so I may just have to make one myself 🙂

For my son, his big Christmas present is going to be a felt playhouse, won’t be exactly like this one at Homemade By Jill, but want to be able to find the link easily.  My husband wants me to make it look like a castle…we shall see what I decide when I get started.
Something that I would like to make for myself is a camera strap…I am loving this one by Fabric Family Fun:

I am also hoping to make some of these alphabet/number/shape bean bags for the kids from A Pretty Cool Life:

I know I have seen lots more projects out there that I want to do, and will add more when I come across them, but for now I’m going to go see what I can squeeze in before the baby wakes up from his nap!

I have been sewing some coasters today, I had 6 cut out and pinned from several days ago.  So I sew the right sides together on all of them first.  Then I turn and iron them, and start top stitching.  I am on the last one…and at the VERY ened when I go to back stitch I run out of bobbin thread!  Seriously could it not have had ONE, just ONE inch left?!

I have never made cloth napkins before.  This is my first time giving it a try, and I have cut out the material to make 8, 4 of each of the different pepper fabrics in the previous post.

I decided to try the mitered corners, and after spending half an hour ironing down all the edges, it didn’t work.  So I tried to cut a little more off the edge to make it work, and that just made it worse.

At this point I just put it down and walked away thinking…why did I already cut out 8 of these?!  But sitting back thinking about it, maybe I can just cut an extra inch off around the edges and try again.  Or try the square corners.

But…tis time to wake the boys, so I guess this will be put on hold…was hoping to get at least 1 done before the nap was over.  At least I finished up the last 2 place mats.

I am currently working on making a birthday gift for my sister.  I am making some things for her kitchen, which has a Dr. Pepper theme.  Well…try to find Dr. Pepper fabric…not happening, so I went with the next best thing…pepper fabric.  I was trying to think of what all to do, when I remembered I had a couple old picture frames laying around and thought it would be cute decoration to paint them and put fabric in them.  So here is my first tutorial…making a pretty picture out of fabric.

So I started out with my frames …these are 5×7:

So I took them apart, and got out my art supplies, I used black paint for one, and mixed a red for the other using my red and violet paints.

Then I took a piece of cardboard from a box I had laying around, and used my husband’s pocket knife to cut the cardboard, but just laying the back of the picture frame on it and cutting around.

Then I layed out my fabric on some newspaper and used a craft spray glue to put a light coat on it and then put my cardboard onto the fabric and folded the fabric around it.  I also did use a little liquid glue to hold down the corners on the back:

The end result, which I think turned out great:

Hello and welcome to my blog, Love. Dream. Create.  I’m Kalee and I created this blog as a way to share my craft projects.   One of my goals for this year, is for almost all gift giving for family, friends, holidays, or birthdays to be handmade.

I have several projects planned for this year, including making scrapbook cookbooks with my sister, and making a felt playhouse for my son’s Christmas present.

A little bit about me:  I’m 23, married to my wonderful husband for 2 years (been together for over 8 years!), and mom to my beautiful baby boy who will be turning 1 in less than 2 weeks!  I love all things crafty, but most of my projects are sewing, scrapbooking, or home projects.  I have also discovered a new love in party planning as I plan and make decorations for my son’s 1st birthday party.  I have a bachelor’s degree in photography, but I apologize in advance for the times when I will be too lazy to put effort into good pictures (I am a perfectionist, so sometimes it’s easier to expect a crappy picture than to try, and not be happy with the pictures I take).   I also love to read, watch way too much TV, and play World of Warcraft.

You can also find me on where I blog about my attempts to get my life organized.

Thanks for visiting, and I will be posting projects soon!

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